Sunday, March 7, 2010

Recycling waste matter to compost ,Enriching the Environment

Congrats to Shoalhaven City Council , NSW Australia
for providing a free programe to the community on how and what waste products to recycle when composting ,  It was a huge success with more than 6,000  people applying to attend  , they actually had to re-run the programe due to popular demand.
As well as the training , Council also gave each participant a free compost bin and a kitchen benchtop bin  in appreciation for attending , both were well designed and much appreciated , especially by  those who could not afford to buy their own, like pensions , many of whom attended .
It would be terrific if more Councils or Shires followed Shoalhavens lead , SO.... how about it world , Shoalhaven is by no means a large or wealthy place , if we can do it so can you .
We and planet Earth would  be better for it .
For info : Shoalhaven city council , Nowra NSW Australia 2541  or look for the website au

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