Wednesday, November 10, 2010

You Need Effecive Advertising ? RIGHT!

You too can afford Online Radio advertising, reach 10,000,000 listeners at Motivational Radio, the Premier Online Radio Station where the listeners are motivated and the buyers are hot.Motivational Radio has the cheapest advertising rates for Radio Advertising on Earth and a huge daily following. You could try a 30 second radio ad or a personal interview about your interest, experience, passion or product your choice .

Your ad will be played live to millions of listeners daily and will continue to run for a total of 10 times in any given month.Imagine the impact this could have on your business.If you feel inexperienced at making audio adverts? Motivational Radio will creat your ad for you.

Just send in a text file containing the message that you want delivered and the team at Motivational Radio will create your professional advert for you.Your advert will contain a background track that is designed to accompany your message and the finished product is yours to keep royalty free,You can actually run the same ad run on other networks if you wish.

All adverts played on Motivational Radio are added to their syndicated archive for millions to listen to over and over again.
For even greater exposure for your business?

OH! and don't forget to check out the Motivational Radio Brand Booster Campaigns that offer you a chance to directly impact the listeners of the station with your own LIVE 30 minute show.This offers real power and persuasion as you can answer questions LIVE on AIR! This is SO POWERFUL!

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Motivational Radio is the Cheapest most targeted Radio Advertising that you can get for as little as $30 a month.

I just love it,its great to listen to in the background while I'm pounding away on my keyboard,and they certainly have some great motivational speakers. Its surprising what info you will pick up Motivational Radio.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Get Your Message To The Right People

Are your marketing efforts falling short of the mark?
Are your advertising efforts bringing you little joy ?
Have you pondered the possible reasons WHY?

You need a High quality advertising campaign aimed at targeted traffic using geo targeting to get the right kind of customers to your website,customers who are interested in what you have to offer.

Firstly you need to find a quality advertising partner who will send your emails to pre sorted traffic for you.

You will also need a way of tracking your results to see what works best for you.
You may want to split test your email and text ads and use Key Words for optomization.

If you are not sure what some of these terms are,or you don't know how to go about doing the things discussed,
Whether its Pay Per Click,Targeted Email,Site Targeted,split testing or Search Engine optimisation.
You can find a more indepth article that explains it all very easily at Nicholas McIntosh's Blog .
I find this Blog extremely helpful and recommend it to those of you who are struggling to keep up in the internet marketing arena.

Don't be fooled,just because its FREE information,doesn't mean its inferior,on the contrary many have paid a lot of money for this same information and still are.
So if you are a Newbie or an Old Dog wanting to learn new tricks Go and check it out for yourself.

Monday, March 15, 2010

Still looking for that perfect program

Still haven't found that perfect programe for you  ?
I have !  check it out at
This biz-op is free to join and you will be rewarded in points just for shopping in your own  Mall  , invite others to shop in your mall and watch your reward points soar , Redeem your rewards points in cash . .....Now how easy is that!! .
BUT should you want to make even more money, upgrade to a VIP............NO , Not a" very important person" you are that already  , A " Vested Interest Partner" build yourself a residual income for life .

Its really fun , and you will get free training and tons of support  with a very close pro-active team.
So if you are a total Newbie ,or a seasoned marketer who has not had much or no success but still have a dream to make it as an Internet marketer join us
 My dreams are finally being realized , and so can yours !
We're here to help .
While visiting  why not check out the other great offers or info available.,  is constantly being updated so check back often.

To your best year yet

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Recycling waste matter to compost ,Enriching the Environment

Congrats to Shoalhaven City Council , NSW Australia
for providing a free programe to the community on how and what waste products to recycle when composting ,  It was a huge success with more than 6,000  people applying to attend  , they actually had to re-run the programe due to popular demand.
As well as the training , Council also gave each participant a free compost bin and a kitchen benchtop bin  in appreciation for attending , both were well designed and much appreciated , especially by  those who could not afford to buy their own, like pensions , many of whom attended .
It would be terrific if more Councils or Shires followed Shoalhavens lead , SO.... how about it world , Shoalhaven is by no means a large or wealthy place , if we can do it so can you .
We and planet Earth would  be better for it .
For info : Shoalhaven city council , Nowra NSW Australia 2541  or look for the website au

Monday, December 14, 2009

Stop Smoking and Start Vapourising With Greensmoke

Have you heard about the new smoking alternative to cigarettes, GREENSMOKE , what a great idea
The healthier way to smoke , as all chemicals contained in cigarettes except the nicotine are eliminated
SO your craving will be still satisfied , but there are no smelly fumes or ashtray breath, 
You don't have to feel austrocised in public places anymore , as all you exhale is water vapour
They come in a variety of flavours....UNbelieveable , and if thats not enough , they will also save you a lot of money .
An electronic cigarette....What next ?....WELL I 'm glad I  asked that question , as along with your Greensmoke Cigarette, you can also purchase the just released pocket charger ....No running out of steam now , I mean vapour .
But wait there's MORE ... Yes you can become a distributer like me and make some additional funds for yourself .ITs a great opportunity to get in early so why not  visit the link provided.