Monday, December 14, 2009

Stop Smoking and Start Vapourising With Greensmoke

Have you heard about the new smoking alternative to cigarettes, GREENSMOKE , what a great idea
The healthier way to smoke , as all chemicals contained in cigarettes except the nicotine are eliminated
SO your craving will be still satisfied , but there are no smelly fumes or ashtray breath, 
You don't have to feel austrocised in public places anymore , as all you exhale is water vapour
They come in a variety of flavours....UNbelieveable , and if thats not enough , they will also save you a lot of money .
An electronic cigarette....What next ?....WELL I 'm glad I  asked that question , as along with your Greensmoke Cigarette, you can also purchase the just released pocket charger ....No running out of steam now , I mean vapour .
But wait there's MORE ... Yes you can become a distributer like me and make some additional funds for yourself .ITs a great opportunity to get in early so why not  visit the link provided.